“When you wander from the comfort of your ordinary,
you invite risk into your life, one in which you
invariably stand to gain everything”

                                                                                                         - hwf


Her Wandering Footsteps is created by Maree Janete.


Maree Janete is a freelance photographer and videographer, who seems to be travelling more often than not. Her passion lies within travel, lifestyle and aerial photography. When she is not out wandering through magical forests, hiking mountain tops above the clouds, blowing bubbles on the ocean floor, designing and capturing gorgeous products for brands or just searching for hidden gems amongst nature, she can be found in a classroom reading picture books to her students and teaching them how to read and write. Oh and of course, count! So they can help her count the remaining days till her next travel adventure begins.

If your brand or travel company would be interested in collaborating with Maree, please don't hesitate to contact her here.