Sunflower fields? Yes, they really do exist!

Imagine how magical it would be to find yourself lost amongst a field of thousands of golden yellow sunflowers as far as the eye can see. A dream-like fantasy, where your hair blows in the wind, whilst you run through the perfectly aligned field of flowers and where everything that surrounds you fills you with pure happiness...Then the sound of those buzzing bees becomes too apparent and forces you to run, screaming out of the field just like I did!

You can never anticipate an outcome when you really have not made solid plans. It is almost as though the thrill of the unknown is what drives the adventure.

All I knew was that sunflowers flourished the countryside somewhere in Queensland.

Over a year ago I saw a photo posted on instagram of a person in a sunflower field somewhere in Queensland. Instantly I became jealous and wished it was me. Though, just as quickly as that feeling of jealousy arose, I forgot all about it… Until the night before my best friend and I randomly decided to hire a car from Brisbane and drive down to Byron Bay.

Unfortunately, simply typing ‘Queensland sunflower fields’ into the Google search bar did not pop up with the exact coordinates of any one field, like I had hoped. Whether it was my poor research skills or just pure lack of information, the limited articles available offered such vague descriptions of the possible location of sunflower fields. Blog Queensland and Queensland-Australia websites were even so general with a location. We read multiple country town names including Toowoomba, Nobby, Cambooya, Felton, Cliffton, Allora. There was however, Jiarenlau's blog that gave slightly more direction- which was referring to the town of Nobby, where she ‘just followed the road until we got to a railway crossing. Across the road way up in the countryside was something yellow.’

It was almost as though they sought out to tease you with the idea of being surrounded by the happiest of flowers, yet by not telling you really where you will find it- they keep you away, keep that mystery lurking and that desire burning inside your freespirted, sunflower seeking soul.

We knew that even though we had no real idea where these flowers would be, we were still going to go for a leisurely drive through the countrysides of Southern Queenland.

After picking up our super noticeable Wicked Camper, we set off on the road to the location of Nobby, as our general guide. There is something about driving through the countryside that I just love. But I must admit, after hours of driving past the same flat grassland, you start to get a little silly. We even stopped to talk to the local cows and ask them for their advice. But the only response they gave us was "Moooooo!"

We saw a whole heard of cows seeking shelter from the 40 degree heat under a watering station. Such hot day, I don’t blame them for being so grumpy. But seriously, countryside towns are so beautiful, their unobstructed backyard view of the mountains is absolutely stunning. Some things you see are also so unique and intriguing. A little further down the road we couldn’t help but pull over when we saw the cutest Minions tribute.

After getting out of the car to take some photos with the giant straw minions, the owners of the house pulled into their driveway. They must have been amused by our head turning car, they themselves stopped to say hello. This was perfect, as we finally had the chance to speak to locals and get the inside goss on the fields! It was here that we were devastatingly told, we were so close to the big field, but good luck finding any flowering, as they were seeding and on their way out. I was so confused as I thought sunflowers need sun, and why would they be dying in the sunny summertime? We thanked the minion owners and kept driving along anyway.

You know that feeling when someone tells you exactly what you do not want to hear, so you make yourself believe that ‘no, it’s not true, I won’t believe it!’ Well, that’s what happened.

What we found initially left us quite disapointed. The sunflowers had in fact past their used by date. Only a few lonely sunflowers that were still in bloom. There was an opening to the sunflower field in which the fence had either been purposefully removed or there was just no gate surrounding them. Either way, there was nothing much to see. The sweltering heat was taking over, forcing us to perform a side of the road/back seat car wardrobe change into an outfit that would not cause our bodies to create a self generating sauna.

Unwilling to give up, we came up with a genius plan to find those sunflowers. Whilst sitting back in the car with the aircon on full blast I looked down and saw my Drone, Zeus. Since he can reach distances of up to 2km, I knew we could get the perfect birds eye view of the surrounding areas.

And not far into Zeus’ flight did I spot a sea of bright yellow. Taking Zeus down lower, we realised two things. The first being that these were still very much in bloom and the second, there was a fence covering all the beautiful sunflowers. Driving to the approximate location of the sunflower field, we realised that we had to turn onto a dirt road, unsure if it was a driveway of the owner or an actual road accessible by the public.

When we pulled over, we couldn’t help but notice there was at least a 10 metre patch of wild grass between the dirt road and the whole stretch along the sunflower field. Feeling almost as though everything was going against us, we decided to just accept that this was the closest we were going to get.

Then out of nowhere, an older man in a ute pulls up right next to our car and signals to wind the window down. Imagine what thoughts instantly came to our head as we double checked that our doors were locked. He introduced himself as the owner of the sunflower field and told us we have come at the right time.

Guessing that we were there to take some photos, he told us if we kept driving further up, we’d find a section where the fence was not up. Though he did casually provide us with a warning to be careful of the rattling snakes. So as if that wasn’t alarming enough, he invited us to enter his driveway to where the ‘safer’ section was. It felt like one of those ‘creepy candy man luring school children into his white van’ kinda moments. It was the risk of being bitten by snakes verses the risk of an old man trapping us in his farm. So naturally, we went for the driveway option, and documented this on Snapchat…just incase none of my friends ever heard from me again, at least they knew we were at the sunflower owner’s house.

Really he was such a lovely and welcoming old man, he would have to be if he cared for acres and acres of beautiful flowers. I really wished that I had something to offer him as a gift to say thank you for letting us run around the sunflower fields.

Did you know?

The large circlular part of the sunflower is actually called a disk flower and is made up of hundreds of small flowers. Look closley at the picture above.

Exact Location Good old smartphones with their gps location tracking thingy. When I took a photo to send to my mum, I realised it left me with the exact location of this sunflower field. So if you're ever in the Southern Queensland country side, and feel like a drive to visit a lovely old sunflower man and his gorgeous acers of sunflowers, type this into your GPS: Rickert Rd, Kings Creek. You're so welcome, now make sure you subscribe and follow me on instagram :)

Even though it was grossly hot outside, we were so fixated on the natural beauty before us, we had no idea that we had been there for about 3 hours. Of course we wanted to stay to capture that perfect photo when the sun sets behind the mountains and the sky decorates the sunflower field with its contrasting pastel colours. However, we were sticky, thirsty and in the middle of nowhere. So before it got too dark, we drove on.

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