What a road trip means to me

Stopping at every little thing that catches your eye and makes you involuntarily say "wow" is my definition of a road trip. Yes, it may take you a whole day to get to the destination you had in mind, but as that cliché saying goes, ‘it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey and what you find along the way.’ Or something like that…

I feel as though those who go on road trips are like the modern day nomads. If you think about it, the words 'road trip' bring a sense of adventure and independence, closely followed by freedom. With the ability to travel around in the luxury of your own campervan or caravan, with nothing holding you back, what can be more gratifying. Freedom to drive where you want to, stop where you want to, stay where you want to and for however long you want.

For anyone who knows me personally, they will know that time is a concept in which I often blissfully pretend does not exist. Sticking to time limits often proves to be a challenge and getting to a place on time is probably the most stressful daily battle I go through in my normal day-to-day city life. Though, when I know I am going on a road trip and I am sitting behind the wheel of that vehicle, with nothing but the road and gorgeous surroundings, no time restrictions, or organised meetings to get to, I feel free. That nomadic freedom to explore and learn from the surroundings, onward driving only when I am satisfied that I have absorbed all the beauty of that place that I can.

Having your own car when travelling provides you with the opportunity to see places you would not ordinarily be able to if you were just staying in a hotel and going on organised day tours/trips. Road tripping places all the excitement is in your hands. It is the thrill of the unknown, the satisfaction of finding something you were not expecting.

This little video is something that I put together quickly, but it basically sums up the reason why I love road trips. It was from short clips taken on my most recent road trip around Tasmania (more of that in a later blogpost). Driving on our way to Hobart we stopped at Salmon Ponds, in Plenty, were we were greeted with a one horned goat, chained to a random brick wall. He was probably the guardian of this elegantly manicured property. Though trying to get up close to him for a selfie didn’t quite go down so well, and when he made his grunty goat noise, I knew he didn’t want to be my friend.

We really only stopped by here to take a few pretty photos, but before we knew it, some hours had passed. Getting lost in the moment by something so simple yet mesmerising is what it is all about.

If it was not Autumn, this place may not have been so interesting, but honestly those colours were captivating. Tasmania in the Autumn in absolutely stunning. Especially when driving along the country side and the misty hills are illuminated with these golden brown and burnt orange trees.

I definitely recommend that if you are travelling to Tasmania, then you would be doing yourself a favour by hiring a caravan. You will allow yourself to authentically see and experience the breathtaking scenery that Tasmania has to offer.

The beauty of being in a campervan means you can choose to sleep where you want. There are hundreds of campsites and caravan parks in Tasmania, with the best way of finding them is to use the WikiCamps App. I had heard about this app before but never thought to check it out for myself. But if you have been driving around, getting lost in mountains and fields of flowers all day and end up in the middle of nowhere by night time and are looking for a place to stay, then the WikiCamps App is an excellent and essential purchase. It offers places for all over Australia, allowing you to look up anything from nearby rest area spots, free camp sights with showers, electricity, caravan parks, look out points, etc. It just might be one of the best accessories to bring on a road trip!

And of course, you can still always take a few nights off from the rugged caravan life for a luxurious stay in one of the many quality hotels that Tasmania has to offer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed watching the little clip. For more photos from my Tasmania road trip, be sure to follow me on my Instagram account. Let me know in the comments what you think about road trips, or Tasmania, or anything you want.

Thank you for reading xx

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