Swimming with wild Sea Lions

Australian Sea Lion (GoPro Screen Shot)

Did you know that wild sea lions are the puppy dogs of the underwater world?! Usually when you think of wild creatures, the fact of the matter is you have an instant visual of some ferocious animal that will either rip you to pieces or stomp all over you. Though wild sea lions are the complete opposite!

Cute puppy dogs of the sea!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend the entire morning swimming with these playful mammals, off the coast of Western Australia. I boarded the vessel with the friendliest and most knowledgable captain- Brendan of Sea Lion Charters and we set out to a protected Island in Green Head which is known as a breeding ground for the Australian Sea Lions.

Sea lion saying hello- Western Australia

As we approached the island, the water became more transparent with those inviting turquoise tones. That morning the wind had picked up quite a lot, though we were still able to anchor and dive right in with the sea lions who were beckoning us to join with the fluttering of their puppy dog eyelids and synchronised backflips.

Green Head Sea Lion breeding ground
Natural waterfall (dpi phantom 4 pro shot)

Sea Lion Charters provide you with wetsuits and snorkel equipment, though if you have your own, you're most welcome to use yours instead. Delicious cookies were also provided as treat whilst back on the boat, where you will find yourself interacting with other members of the tour and sharing your photos. Did I forget to mention take an underwater camera? Do it! You will regret not capturing a shot of these ever so gentle sea lions.

Details on how you can also swim with sea lions:

Sea Lion Charters Jurien Bay, Green Head It is a family run business, who therefore are also very family friendly. They operate every day with some exceptions and can carry a maximum of 10 passengers. The best part about this is it becomes a way more personal experience. Instead of having a tourist photobomb your epic underwater shots you have sea lions to do that.

How to get there: Tours operate usually early morning, with passengers requested to meet at the Green Head Wharf before 9am. Green Head is a 2.5 hr drive from Perth City.

Though, if you are planning to make a trip out of it, why not stay in the various accomodations available in Jurien Bay, which is only a 20 min drive.

Here is a short video capturing the magical moments with these gorgeous inquisitive creatures.

Please let me know what you think of the video in the comments below and also, tell me if you have ever swam with sea lions before, or if you plan to now!!

Lots of love, Maree xx

dji phantom 4 pro shot of sea lions on sand

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