Light your lantern, make a wish…

Lanterns on The Lake, Wentworth Falls

When you hear about an “unofficial event”, automatically you become intrigued. Add some carefully crafted handmade lanterns and a sunset lit lake high up in the mountains and you’re a definite YES!

I literally only heard about Lanterns On the Lake, Wentworth Falls the morning of the event. There was not much information circling the web about this, as I guess suits the mystery of it being “unofficial”. However, I did know that it was starting at 4pm, lanterns were selling for $5 each, it was a ‘leave no trace’ event and that it was being held at Wentworth Falls Lake, NSW.

Lantern Floating, Wentworth Falls
Releasing lanterns on the Lake, Wentworth Falls
Opera singer at Lanterns on The Lake, Wentworth Falls
Wentworth Falls Lake

It was very well organised and produced a surprisingly large turn out considering its semi-secretive status. It was not simply just some lanterns being released on the lake. Everywhere you looked there were young families strolling through the park, decadent cheese and wine picnics shared amongst groups of friends, crowds gathered around to watch the colorful drumming and dance entertainment, the voice of an angel who was being paddled out along the lake on a canoe, while we were all being serenaded. And then yes, of course there were the delicately designed lanterns that held on to all our wishes.

As the sun had slowly fallen behind the mountains, and the pastel colours of the sky began to dim, we all went to the lakes’ edge to exchange our tickets for the lanterns. Volunteers were joyfully waiting along the edge with a lighter, ready for you to light your lantern.

Photo of Rima by @her.wandering.footsteps

Eyes closed, blocking out all the surrounding sounds. You gently release the lantern and make your wish…

There was a great sense of pleasure in watching it float along the silky lake as it joined the sea of other colourful lanterns.

As I saw on the official @lotlwentworthfalls instagram page, there were 1000 lanterns being made to sell. I bought two, so hopefully at least one of my wishes may come true!!

Aerial image of Lanterns on the Lake, Wentworth Falls

Side note: With every intention to attend this event and create a video to share, I arrived there and realised I left my micro SD card at home, and forgot to charge the batteries of the gimbal for my dslr. A quick dash to the nearest Coles and another new replacement SD card later, #zeusthedrone was ready to fly. As for the gimbal and producing steady shots, well there was no hope. Although this definitely serves as a harsh reminder to double check all equipment before leaving the house! Unfortunately I was unable to capture images of the drummers or cultural dancers and the other entertainment that was provided.

Though, here is a short video from the “Unofficial Lanterns on the Lake, Wentworth Falls” event.

I really hope you enjoy. Let me know if you went to this event, or have been to one similar?

Lots of love, Maree xx

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